What is teak wood?

Teak wood is a type of hardwood grown exclusively in the tropical jungle of Southeast Asia. It is known for its durability and resistance towards water, rot and termite. Such resistance comes from teak’s ability to retain natural oil within its tight grain, essentially free-ing it from artificial treatment and processing. This natural resistance combining with its beautiful natural grain makes it a preferred material for premium furniture and woodware.


What is FancyFurni?

FancyFurni is a teak wood product design and manufacturer based in Indonesia. Founded by a team trained in the architecture, FancyFurni’s products are ergonomically designed and sustainably produced. FancyFurni’s products are a preferred choice by Indonesia’s premium hospitality brands like Marriott and Pullman.

In Malaysia, FancyFurni is distributed by Table Manners Enterprise.


Where can I buy FancyFurni’s products in Malaysia?

You can view FancyFurni’s products details through our website DearTableManners.com

To purchase, please make an order at our website. Payment can be made via bank transfer to our bank account (details below). Once we have received your payment and proof of payment (ie. bank-in slip), we will deliver the products to your doorstep.

Our bank account details:

Table Manners Enterprise


Public Bank Berhad


Can I return the products and get refund for my order?

We do not accept return unless there is defect in the product. Please contact us at hello@deartablemanners.com should you encounter such situation.


How can I take care of FancyFurni’s teak product?

  • Keep FancyFurni’s products in dry environment
  • Avoid using it with overtly greasy food
  • If the teak product is wet or excessively oiled, clean it with dry paper towel and air dry.
  • To maintain the teak finishing for an even longer time, you may coat the teak product with 2-3 layers of edible oil. Each coated layer should be left to air dry for 3 days before coating another layer.